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 Good way to make money

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PostSubject: Good way to make money   Good way to make money I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2015 12:31 pm

MyAllFriends.com is new concept social networking web, which offers Photos sharing, video sharing, Blogs, Groups, Forum talk, gaming and social interaction to stay in touch with your friends and family. Every member is share holder and have its share in MyAllFriends profit. 80% of profit is distributed to its members as per their daily activities. members are the owners of this website.

MyAllFriends is run by its members, and have following structure as per real companies in daily life

"Board of Directors" (Admin)
"Department Managers" (Moderators) - Selected from You people
"Working Staff" (Normal Members) - You people
How members will earn:
By creating content and inviting friends, users receive real money as a valued recognition of their contribution to the site.
MyAllFriends pays its users according to their contribution to MyAllFriends Site. 

The number of new users who registered to MyAllFriends.com as a result of your invitation, and the frequency and scope of their use. The amount and quality of content you upload or make available on MyAllFriends, and the measure of traffic this content creates.

1 - Referral marketing:
You invite people to join MyAllFriends. Invite your friends and family members to MyAllFriends.
You can use our Facebook Share on Main page or Invite Page to quickly invite lots of people.
Make an effort and invite lots of people to MyAllFriends via posting on twitter, facebook, blog, website, forums and other social websites.
The more people you invite, the more money they will produce for you. Webmasters or blog owners can earn more money by referral system, 
we have provided links ads and also banner ads for them, check webmaster section for detail Adding

2 - Activities: 
You can earn money through content?
Users that create or upload content, such as photos, Videos, Blogs, Groups, Ask & Answers, Forum posts and Games, on MyAllFriends receive different rated cents whenever content is uploaded. You will receive payment according to several factors, including and without limitation the amount and quality of content you upload or make available on MyAllFriends, and the measure of traffic this content creates.

Beware: Members caught cheating in order to receive undeserved payments, for example by creating fake users, fake user activity or fake contents, will not receive payments and may be banned from MyAllFriends.

Website will generate its profit from Advertisements, sponsors and selling virtual good.
10% of profit will be used for website maintenance - Servers and Employees pays
10% Board of Directors Pay
80% profit will be distributed to its members users (share holders).

Board of Directors (Admin) will supervise the website and its activities and work for website development
Department Managers (Moderators) will supervise the website specific areas and user activities of spamming, adult material and its maintenance.
Working Staff (members) will work in website, add contents, share photos, videos, blogging, forum discussion, chat, play games, invite friends, social interaction with others and promote website
Payment Information

1. Paypal - Min 0.10$ balance required for payout

Visible to every one:
Board of directors will publish yearly Financial statements for the website, which will be available to all its members

Users must have to respect the terms and conditions of website and work according to website TOS. so that we can make this nice place to stay in touch with our friends and family

Link: wwwmyallfriends.com
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Good way to make money
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